About cindyalbright

I am a beauty seeker. I enjoy finding beauty in the unnoticed, overlooked, mundane, taken for granted, everyday gifts...just waiting to be noticed. I'm grateful that I "get to" capture moments, and share them with others. Moments that need no words, yet speak of the endless wonder and creative nature of the giver of life. The creator of all things..,God himself..,the most “Magnificent” artist of all.

My photography is an expedition, unfolding as it goes. A gift sent to heal my heart as I escape into a world of beauty and creative expression. Where heartache fades, and magic enters. I'm just chasing the light. Surrendering to the source. Flying by the seat of my pants! Because the true gift is in the journey itself. To be caught up in the adventure, waiting for the story to come to life, as the author paints the scene...and I watch in wonder and awe.

I hope you will join me in this quest of creativity, and find a moment to escape from life's harshness. Who knows..,if I do my job right, you might just catch a spark of inspiration to carry into your own personal journey!

That would make me a very Grateful Muse!

Cindy Albright